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Regular grooming throughout the year helps prevent uncomfortable tangles, mats, and skin issues while keeping your pets feeling and looking their best. Your pet will step out in style with grooming services from The Animal Doctor.


Your pet is given personalized service and treated as part of our family. Having been in business since 1997, let us put our years of experience and expertise to work for you, and educate you on your pet's personal care.


With over 20 years of combined experience, our groomers have the competency to handle various dog breeds and styles. You can count on our trained and knowledgeable grooming staff. A good bath will make your dog feel and smell fresh, and wonderful. Grooming is also a medical service. We'll prevent many skin disorders and identify a few diseases through regular coat care. If your pet has allergies and needs medicated baths, or if your pet needs regular trimming and coat care, bring your beloved pet to our grooming staff for reliable care.


While your dog or cat is relaxing at the "spa", we'll also give medical services including medical baths, updating vaccines or having a doctor address any issues your pet may have.


If the groomers notice any lumps or wounds, ear discharge, or issues, they can have a staff member take a look at your pet. If scheduled in advance, we can make arrangements for a grooming session during your pet’s boarding stay with us.


From your puppy’s first haircut to routine coat upkeep, get in touch with us for excellent care. You can rely on us to get your puppy's nails trimmed, ear hair plucked, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed (if requested), and more. We also give "Blue Facial" facial scrub, bath and haircut with shampoo according to your pet’s skin and coat needs, and brush and blow dry.

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