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The Alexandria and Sauk Centre Animal Doctor provides an ideal environment for both routine and complex surgical procedures. Your pet will receive safe, comprehensive and advanced anesthesia and surgery care from our veterinarian and veterinary staff.


There is nothing more important than your pets safety which is why we offer preanestetic testing. These optional tests can alert us to underlying conditions that may heighten an animals risk of anesthetic complications. We also offer use of laser during surgery, which is not only more safe, but can help reduce pain and recovery time for your pet.

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Some of the surgical procedures offered include:

•   Spay and Neuters

•   Declawing

•   Orthopedic Surgeries

•   Wound and Laceration Care

•   Ophthalmic Surgeries

•   Mass & Tumor Removals

•   Foreign Object Removals

•   Other Advanced Surgeries


Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding surgical procedures, anesthesia, or any other concerns.